Dominican Retreat

and Conference Center

                                                 Impelled by Love   

                                        by Carol Davis OP

April 23, 2022, culminated in a life-changing event for me when I heard my name announced.  I had been elected to serve as Councilor on the Leadership Team in my congregation of Dominican Sisters of Peace. 

Years ago, the Divine Call of Love brought me to the Albany Diocese and invited me to share deeply in our journey together through retreats, spiritual direction, dreaming,counseling.  You have been and are, a reflection of God’s grace.  I treasure all that has been, I treasure you. 

Now, impelled by love, for the sake of the Gospel and in a spirit of Dominican itinerancy, I must leave to serve in response to a new Divine Call of Love that came through my Sisters.  With our Leadership Team, all our Sisters and Associates, we will continue our mission to be peace, build peace and preach peace. 

I leave you with the following prayer from our April meeting.

God of all journeys, 

Provider for all our needs,

we come to you as a pilgrim people.

Inspired by Ruth and Naomi,

we walk toward a future 

we cannot see clearly,

and which we enter as deep mystery.

We pray for the guidance of your Spirit,

for the grace that opens us to the truth

and the challenges that await us.

With faith in your Word 

and hope in your promises,

may we dwell in gratitude 

for all that has been 

and all yet to come.

Impelled by love, we give ourselves to the journey.

                                                       My address after July: 

Dominican Sisters of Peace

2320 Airport Dr.

Columbus, OH  43219. 



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