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Retreat for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

March 16-18, 2018

From Death to Life

The journey of healing takes us along many paths: from death to life from lies to truth from fragmentation to a new wholeness. It is a journey through devastation, grief, anger, and fear, a journey in which we are carried by hope and courage. This weekend we will support one another, companions on this perilous journey of sacred healing. We will claim our voices and celebrate progress.

We will be ourselves - women of light, daughters of the Divine, women healing, women re-claiming life.

The retreat will include prayer, lecture, small group sharing, journaling, and music.

Dominican Retreat & Conference Center, Niskayuna, NY 518-393-4169

Dominican Retreat & Conference Center, Niskayuna, NY 518-393-4169 email:


The Ongoing Dream Group with Sister Carol is flourishing and welcomes new members.  Meets monthly at Dominican Retreat & Conference Center, Monday 7 – 9 PM.  $25/class. 
To register contact:  (518) 393 – 5517

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